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We’re a collaborative association of Des Moines nonprofits, working together to elevate our nonprofit community. The DSM Collaborative is 100% volunteer run. Membership is free and here’s how we can help you and your nonprofit. We also have opportunities for business partners looking to make an impact in the community!


The DSM Nonprofit Collaborative works to facilitate partnerships across the metro. We are a central information sharing center for Des Moines Nonprofits.


Your nonprofit is doing great things in Des Moines and we want to elevate that message. We share your good news, fundraisers, and events on this site and across social media. We’re your biggest cheerleader!


We host education and training sessions throughout the year. Learn from other nonprofit leaders across Des Moines. We are here to learn from each other.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Technology, software, gift cards, donuts, and even cash! These giveaways aren’t going to change the trajectory of your operations, but they will make getting there easier.

Membership is Free

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Membership is Free