Collaborative Committees

100 percent volunteer run, 100 percent here for nonprofits

Committees Help Shape and Drive the Collaborative

The Collaborative’s committee system is a central component to deliver on our mission — to help nonprofits in Greater Des Moines accomplish theirs. These committees actively direct the collaborative, allowing it to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of its nonprofit members. Some committees are member only, but several are open for the public. If you have a passion and want to help nonprofits in Greater Des Moines, we want your help. Volunteer to join a committee today!

Open Committees

Any DSM Resident or Member Can Apply


Tasked with marketing both the Collaborative and its members. You aim to celebrate and elevate DSM nonprofit voices.


Tasked with coordinating and establishing education and training opportunities with nonprofits. You aim to help nonprofits learn and excel.


Tasked with identifying offers and delivering giveaways for nonprofits in DSM. You are a natural giver and want to help brighten someone’s day.


Tasked with coordinating social and meeting events for the Collaborative. You love to have a good time with good people.

Member Committees


Tasked with reviewing membership applications for nonprofits, organizations, businesses, and individuals. You are welcoming and an advocate.


Tasked with reviewing events, news, and blog submissions to the website. You want to help everyone in Greater Des Moines stay in the know.


Tasked with developing and enforcing Collaborative rules and protocols. You believe the best policy is to have a plan and act on it.


Tasked with maintaining finance, funding, and accounting for the Collaborative. You enjoy a good math problem.